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MSIT offers you practical, flexible training from experienced industry professionals. With more than 150 TAFE courses across six campuses throughout south Brisbane, MSIT can help you start or advance your career, return to the workforce or build a pathway to university or further study.

Our variety of courses is diverse and includes programs from creative industries, IT, health and community services, and business/justice/accounting fields just to name a few. We also train apprentices and provide workplace delivery to suit our client's needs. Don’t forget the skills and knowledge you already possess could be recognised as prior learning (RPL) and entitle you to a qualification without the need for further study.

Please consider the course options below or contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 657 613 for further assistance.

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Course Search Results:

Course CodeCourse NameDetails 
CHC40313Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family InterventionRecognition of Prior Learning OnlyOpen
CHC51512Diploma of Youth JusticeRecognition of Prior Learning Only and Existing workers onlyOpen
CHC50313Diploma of Child, Youth and Family InterventionVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CHC50413Diploma of Youth WorkVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
TLI21810Certificate II in LogisticsShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
CUV40311Certificate IV in Design(Graphic Design)Open
BSB50207Diploma of Business(Part Time Night) VET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
TAELLN411Address adult literacy and numeracyStandardOpen
SIT30612Certificate III in EventsShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
39285QLDCourse in Core Skills for Employment and Training - Numeracy (Preliminary)StandardOpen
39289QLDCertificate II in Core Skills for Employment and Training - NumeracyStandardOpen
ACM20110Certificate II in Animal StudiesStandardOpen
ICA50411Diploma of Information Technology Networking(CISCO) VET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CUV50411Diploma of Photo ImagingVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
SIT50212Diploma of EventsVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
10361NATCourse in Preliminary Spoken and Written EnglishStandardOpen
BSB50613Diploma of Human Resources ManagementVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CHC30213Certificate III in Education SupportShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
CUV30311Certificate III Design Fundamentals(Photography)Open
HLT32512Certificate III Health Service AssistanceShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
ICA30111Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology(Networking) Shorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
SIH40111Certificate IV in HairdressingRecognition of Prior LearningOpen
ICA40511Certificate IV in Programming(Software)Open
ICA40411Certificate IV in Information Technology NetworkingStandardOpen
ICA30111Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and TechnologyWeb & GamesOpen
SIB50210Diploma of Salon ManagementRecognition of Prior LearningOpen
BSB51107Diploma of ManagementPart Time VET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CHC50412Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol and Other Drugs/Mental Health)VET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CHC50612Diploma of Community Services WorkVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
39292QLDCertificate IV in Justice Studies(International CRICOS Course Code: 076465E)Open
39293QLDDiploma of Justice Studies(International CRICOS Course Code: 076466D)Open
CUV40411Certificate IV Photo ImagingStandardOpen
39293QLDDiploma of Justice StudiesVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
LMT31407Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and TechnologyStandardOpen
CUF50107Diploma of Screen and Media(Specialising in Film & TV Production) VET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
10366NATCertificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Employment - Workplace Communication and JobSeeking SpecialisationStandardOpen
LMT50307Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and TechnologyVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CHC40412/CHC40512Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs / Certificate IV in Mental Health(Dual Certificate)Open
CHC50908Diploma of Children's Services (Early childhood education and care)Continuing StudentsOpen
FNS50210Diploma of Accounting18 month program VET FEE-HELP Approved (Continuing Students Only)Open
FNS50210Diploma of AccountingVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
SIT50312Diploma of HospitalityVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
39277QLDDiploma of Business and Commerce StudiesVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
FNS40611Certificate IV in Accounting (alternative for Certificate IV in Bookkeeping)StandardOpen
SIR50112Diploma of Retail ManagementStandardOpen
BSB40212Certificate IV in BusinessStandardOpen
CN920QSA Program Senior Studies and Vocational Pathways(Certificate of Education Year 11 and 12)Open
LMT60307Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and TechnologyVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
BSB51107Diploma of ManagementVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
CHC30212/CHC30312Certificate III in Aged Care/Certificate III in Home Community CareDual CertificateOpen
ICT30210Certificate III in TelecommunicationsStandardOpen
CHC30408Certificate III in DisabilityStandardOpen
HLT51612Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 nursing)VET FEE-HELP Approved for Domestic StudentsOpen
LMT40707Certificate IV in MillineryHat MakingOpen
10364NATCertificate III in Spoken and Written EnglishStandardOpen
SIR20212Certificate II in Retail ServicesStandardOpen
SIT20312Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)Shorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
BSB31112Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)StandardOpen
CUV30311Certificate III Design Fundamentals(Graphics)Open
SIH20111Certificate II HairdressingStandardOpen
10363NATCertificate II in Spoken and Written EnglishStandardOpen
CHC50708Diploma of Community DevelopmentRecognition of Prior Learning OnlyOpen
SIT30712Certificate III in HospitalityStandardOpen
CUF30107Certificate III in Media(Specialising in Film & TV Production)Open
CHC50908Diploma of Children's Services (Early childhood education and care)(Early Childhood Bridging Course for QLD Registered Primary Teachers)Open
SIH30111Certificate III in HairdressingStandardOpen
ACM30110Certificate III in Animal StudiesStandardOpen
10365NATCertificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Further StudiesStandardOpen
CHC30113Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareStandardOpen
BSB50207Diploma of BusinessVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
LMT21707Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and TechnologyShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
SIT20212Certificate II in Hospitality (Front of House)Shorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
39292QLDCertificate IV in Justice StudiesStandardOpen
BSB31012Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)StandardOpen
SIT31112Certificate III in Hospitality (Patisserie)StandardOpen
LMT30607Certificate III in MillineryHat MakingOpen
LMT41007Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and TechnologyStandardOpen
ICA40311Certificate IV in Web-Based TechnologiesStandardOpen
CHC40213Certificate IV in Education SupportShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
10397NATCertificate IV in Adult Tertiary PreparationStandardOpen
CHC30112Certificate III in Community Services WorkStandardOpen
ICA30111Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and TechnologyNetworkingOpen
ICA50611Diploma of Website DevelopmentVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
SIT30112Certificate III in TourismShorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
BSB50407Diploma of Business AdministrationVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
SIT30712Certificate III in Hospitality(Food and Beverage) Shorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
10089NATCertificate II Skills for Work and TrainingStandardOpen
80915ACTCertificate II in Access 10 (year 10 alternative)StandardOpen
BSB30412Certificate III in Business Administration (Finance and Computing streams)StandardOpen
CUV50311Diploma of Graphic Design(Specialising in Print and Web Design) VET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
BSB40407Certificate IV in Small Business ManagementVET FEE-HELP Approved - Shorter, Sharper, SmarterOpen
SIH30111Certificate III in HairdressingApprenticeshipOpen
AHC30710Certificate III in HorticultureStandardOpen
AHC21610Certificate II in LandscapingStandardOpen
39279QLDCourse in Core Skills for Employment and Training - Communication (Preliminary)StandardOpen
39280QLDCourse in Core Skills for Employment and Training - Communication (Basic)StandardOpen
FNS30311Certificate III in Accounts AdministrationStandardOpen
TAE40110Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA/TAE)Continuing students onlyOpen
ICA50711Diploma of Software DevelopmentVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
10362NATCertificate I in Spoken and Written EnglishStandardOpen
CHC50113Diploma of Early Childhood Education and CareAcceleratedOpen
SIT50112/SIT50212Dual Diploma Travel and Tourism/Diploma of EventsVET FEE-HELP ApprovedOpen
BSB51407Diploma of Project ManagementStandardOpen
CHC50108Diploma of Disability(Workplace Delivery)Open
SIR40212Certificate IV in Retail ManagementStandardOpen

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